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Rick Losh – Custom Pin Striping in Denver Colorado

ricklosh1Born and raised in Denver Colorado. The family lived in north Denver where hot rods, oval track racing and drag racing were a passion. He honed his craft as a sign artist painting numbers and lettering on stock cars at local tracks like Lakeside Speedway and Colorado National Speedway. Some of these racers desired the addition of pinstripes to be included on their vehicles. To master hand painted pinstriping required another 5 years of trial and error in addition to the years he had spent in the sign painting business.

Now, with more than 40+ years in the business, he and his wife Gail enjoy working together from their home in Thornton Colorado. Although hand painted lettering and pinstriping are still a passion, technology entered into the business formulation. Their shop can also produce reflective and non reflective lettering. Give us a call for your free estimate…..